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Hi, my name is Alun Williams

Congratulations to Hardy and Daniela in the setting up of their man trailing web site and their training academy!

I have worked with both Hardy und Daniela for a number of years und have watched them both advance their knowledge an dog handling skills to a level where it can be seen by their own trailing dogs. Both the older dogs I would consider to be at an advanced level and Hardy`s younger one, well on the way to achieving that level.

This standard has been achieved by following a training structure that advances both handler and dog at a pace which is progressive to the teams learning capabilities. Hardy und Daniela follow this same training structure when training other dog teams. Both of them are open minded in their approach to dog training an as I have seen personally when training together,and are professional in receiving constructive observations when working their own dogs.

This to me is a sign of good dog trainers!

They also have good man management skills when teaching other dog teams, by the way, they speak to and project information to the handlers what is required.
I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who is at present working or thinking of working a mantrailing-dog, to seek out and attend training sessions with them. This would be of great benefit to you.

Finally I would like to wish Hardy und Daniela all the best for the future in their training and good luck.

Alun Williams

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